I am exploring InstallBuilder tool to check if InstallBuilder support my requirement. It would be great if I get clarification of following queries in this regard.

Is it possible to modify font,style, colour and window size in Install Builder? Can we set the icon for the installer in the Mac dock using InstallBuilder tool? Can we have single license file which can be displayed in different languages?

Regards, Sunil

asked 15 May '13, 09:38

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It is possible to customize InstallBuilder's splash screen, icons and the images in the installer as well as its window size. It is, however, not possible to customize fonts due to different GUI modes that we support and potential issues this may cause in such cases.

You can find out more about customizing InstallBuilder in Installer Customization section of InstallBuilder user guide.


answered 15 May '13, 11:03

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wojciechka ♦♦
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I have license files for different languages. I want to import a specific license file based on user selected language. Could you please let me know how to achieve the same?

When I tried an example explained in InstallBuilder documentation (using <licenseparameter> <name>Sample</name> <file>path1/license1.rtf</file> <licensefilelist> <licensefile> en <file>path2/license2.rtf</file> <encoding>UTF-8</encoding> </licensefile> </licensefilelsit> </licenseparameter> )

It is always taking license from path1 but not taking from path2.

  • Sunil
(17 May '13, 07:47) sunil

The default one is used if no language matched the original one. If your installer is set up to have default language to English, it should work. However, if it is set to auto, it may pick up your local language and then the default one (license1 in your case) is used. Can you add licenses in more languages, allow language selection and then choose the other languages as well?

(20 May '13, 04:38) wojciechka ♦♦

Thanks Wojciechka for your support. we couldn't check below features with evaluation version. So we need your support for the below itmes

  1. Support of Modifying Font size, Font style, Font type, Font color, Window size etc. will be available in evaluation version? If its not, Please let us know if we get this support in licensed version.

  2. With evaluation version, language selection screen is very small in size, can we modify the screen window size similar to other screen in order to add user defined left image and logo. Let us know if its supported in evaluatino/licensed version?

(21 May '13, 09:39) sunil
  1. Can we install drivers using InstallBuilder tool?
(21 May '13, 09:43) sunil

I've been using the evaluation version intensively before purchasing the full version, and I have not found any difference regarding the set of supported features.

(22 May '13, 03:43) Dirk Stegemann

Sunil, window size can be modified via <width> and <height> tags and via GUI in Look and feel section of main project properties.

As for language selection window, it is mainly meant to allow the user to select the language and it is not customizable.

InstallBuilder can be used to install drivers. On Windows you can use the DPInst tool from Microsoft, which is described in more details here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff553607.aspx

Regarding evaluation and full version, there are no differences in the functionality.

(22 May '13, 03:55) wojciechka ♦♦
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As regrading the Dock icon see the answer in the link below,



answered 05 Jun '13, 10:27

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Codename K
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