On my MAC OS installer I get this message "Cannot create folder applications/myapp". This is the $installdir folder.


asked 16 May '13, 09:15

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Codename K
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At which point does it happen? Is that the full path displayed in the error? (it should be an absolute path)

(16 May '13, 09:39) juanjo ♦♦

Perhaps you are using backslashes () instead of forward slashes (/) for the installdir parameter default value? This is a common mistake when first creating installer for Windows and then moving to Mac OS X.

Can you share your <directoryParameter> XML for installdir?

(16 May '13, 10:14) wojciechka ♦♦

Sorry. I have changed the above question. This is the correct message "Cannot create folder applications/myapp". This error occurs only in one MAC OS computer. In other MAC Oss it working fine.

(16 May '13, 13:42) Codename K

I am experiencing the same thing. QA reports:

The error message appears when running the [installer] executable: "Error creating directory /Applications/My-App Name"

Like the original poster, I cannot reproduce this on my machine.

FWIW, I don't create the directory, but define it as

    <setInstallerVariable name="installdir" value="${platform_install_prefix}/${product_fullname}" />
(24 May '13, 00:10) mattatoffleash

Please ask the person that is able to reproduce it to run the installer from terminal as:

/path/to/installer.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --debugtrace /tmp/debug.txt

And send us the debug.txt file.

Also, is it possible the user that is logged in is not an administrator and <requireInstallationByRootUser> is not enabled?

Also, are you showing the installation directory page in your installer? If yes, and the installer is not run in unattended mode, then after specifying the installation directory, installer will perform check if specified directory is writable.


answered 24 May '13, 04:06

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wojciechka ♦♦
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I'll do that.

(26 May '13, 04:37) Codename K
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