I have a simple program which runs fine when running from command line. However when running it from installbuilder <runprogram>, it says:

Executing C:xxxprog64.exe /lm /sw Script exit code:

Script output:

Script stderr:

Unknown error while running C:xxxprog64.exe

This is 64bits windows. I heard from others that if they put it in a batch file, and run that, it is okay. I like to know the root cause of it.

Here is XML code:

<actionlist> <runprogram> <abortonerror>0</abortonerror> <explanation>install prog(64bits) driver</explanation> <program>c:xxxprog64.exe</program> <programarguments>/lm /sw</programarguments> </runprogram> </actionlist>

Any help is appreciated.

asked 16 May '13, 17:06

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Please run the installer with --debugtrace debug.txt and send the debug.txt file as well as entire project XML to support@bitrock.com and we will try to determine the issue.

Also, where is the program installed? In Windows or Program Files directory?

Does the installer have <windows64bitMode> enabled?


answered 17 May '13, 03:01

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wojciechka ♦♦
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I sent both files to support@bitrock.com. The program is installed in a local directory, not windows or program files directory. I tried to enable <windows64bitmode>, didn't make much difference.

Thanks for your help. Angela


answered 17 May '13, 09:23

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