Hi, I add a lot of temporary files before installing the final product and at the end of the installation, I remove the temporary folders. I would like to prevent adding these files to the uninstaller altogether. Is there a way to say "don't add to uninstaller" to a bunch of folders? thanks!

asked 04 Jun '13, 18:17

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Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the issue. We have an action called <removeFilesFromUninstaller> that prevents those files from being deleted later on by the uninstaller, leaving them in the machine after the uninstallation. Is that what you need?


answered 05 Jun '13, 03:23

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I would like some files and folders to be ignored by the uninstaller as they will not be present on the machine at uninstall time. There are a lot of files and it slows down the creation of the uninstaller considerably.

(05 Jun '13, 08:55) danish


There is another method for this. Put the files that needs to be ignored to a zip file and unzip it during the installation. The zip file will be in the installer list but not the unzipped files. These will remain even after the uninstallation. This is the easiest method.


answered 05 Jun '13, 10:14

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