Our application installs by default to the /Applications folder on Mac OS X, but this only works for admin user accounts, on non-admin accounts I am seeing 'Error changing permissions to 040755' is their anyway for the BitRock installer to install to this folder with a non-admin account?

asked 05 Jul '13, 08:46

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You need to raise your file access permissions to administrative level. I don't know of any way to this on a per-component or on a per-folder basis; we're using the <requireinstallationbyrootuser> project property.


answered 05 Jul '13, 09:02

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You can use a helper variable and define default value for the installation depending on if /Applications is writable on OS X. For example:

<setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${platform_install_prefix}/${product_shortname}-${product_version}</value> </setInstallerVariable> <setInstallerVariable> <name>default_installdir</name> <value>${user_home_directory}/${product_shortname}-${product_version}</value> <ruleList> <platformTest> <type>osx</type> </platformTest> <fileTest> <condition>not_writable</condition> <path>${platform_install_prefix}</path> </fileTest> </ruleList> </setInstallerVariable>

You should add that to <initializationActionList> and <preShowHelpActionList>.

The installdir variable should also use ${default_installdir} as the <default> value:

<directoryParameter> <name>installdir</name> <description>Installer.Parameter.installdir.description</description> <explanation>Installer.Parameter.installdir.explanation</explanation> <value></value> <default>${default_installdir}</default> <allowEmptyValue>0</allowEmptyValue> <cliOptionName>prefix</cliOptionName> <mustBeWritable>1</mustBeWritable> <mustExist>0</mustExist> <width>40</width> </directoryParameter>


answered 05 Jul '13, 10:08

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