I've got a strange issue that's happening on one machine, I'm creating shortcuts in windows_folder_common_startup but it's complaining that the directory does not exist. According to a Microsoft technet post it should be a path like C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup but the Startup directory doesn't exist...any suggestions why?

            <comment>${msg(Installer.Installation.Shortcut.Lanches)} </comment>
            <comment>${msg(Installer.Installation.Shortcut.Lanches)} </comment>

asked 19 Jul '13, 06:49

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A Jefferiss
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Which exact error do you get? In which version of Windows are you testing it?

(19 Jul '13, 06:50) juanjo ♦♦

Perhaps the directory does not exist if it is a fresh installation (i.e. no prior installation has created it). The action itself does not create the directory, so you can run the <createDirectory> before <createShortcuts> to ensure the directory exists - it will not do anything if the directory already exists. For example:

<createDirectory> <path>${windows_folder_common_startup}</path> </createDirectory>

(19 Jul '13, 07:52) wojciechka ♦♦

It's Windows 7, the exact error is:

Unable to create shortcuts in : directory does not exist

I thought using <destination>${windows_folder_common_startup}</destination> would pick up the Windows system variable for it. I also thought it was created automatically by Windows during the initial install of the OS. Has my Windows install potentially got corrupt?

(19 Jul '13, 08:49) A Jefferiss

That is very strange. Could you send us your project to support@bitrock.com?

(19 Jul '13, 09:35) juanjo ♦♦

I've mailed it across, can you let me know if you have any problems receiving it. Thanks :)

(19 Jul '13, 10:45) A Jefferiss

I've been testing this on a couple of other machines I've been able to grab hold of, and can't reproduce it. So I'm starting to believe the laptop's windows install may be to blame...

(19 Jul '13, 10:54) A Jefferiss

The machine in question was rebuilt, and now I'm unable to reproduce this problem so it looks like it was a strange issue with Windows 7 itself.

I've added the following block to initialization actions to try and catch the error before installation in future.

      <throwerror text="Unable to install application as Windows startup folder does not exist"/>
      <platformtest type="windows"/>
      <comparetext text="${windows_folder_common_startup}" logic="equals" value=""/>

(24 Jul '13, 06:06) A Jefferiss
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