I want to modify the installer strings that appear in French when I select French as my language of installation. Where can I locate bitrock's language files so that I can edit them as per my requirement?

Also, how can I differentiate between en_UK and en_US?

Thanks a bunch! (I am new to bitrock and have never asked any question till now so pardon me if my questions seem obvious)

asked 22 Jul '13, 17:52

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It's easy to modify the built-in installer strings, just define them in your own custom language file(s), as is described in the online documentation :-)

For your other questions, I highly recommend to open new questions, so that they can be found easier...

Best, Dirk


answered 23 Jul '13, 04:06

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Dirk Stegemann
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@Dirk Stegemann,

Thank you for replying Dirk. As I mentioned I am looking for other language files like French, Dutch, Italian etc and in the docs/unserguide folder I can only see en.lng and I am anyway customizing my English language installer.

Alright I will create new question for my second query.

Thanks again!

(23 Jul '13, 13:12) newbee

Well, using that en.lng file, you should be able to identify the keys for the strings you want to translate.

For example, there is following entry: Installer.Installation.Completed=Installation completed

Now, in your own custom file for french localizations, you need to define your own localized string for that key, e.g.: Installer.Installation.Completed=Installation terminée

Afterwards, you need to tell InstallBuilder to compile your customized language file into your installer; then, at runtime, your custom strings will replace the built-in strings.

(23 Jul '13, 13:26) Dirk Stegemann

Just to be more clear about replacing built-in strings: that's an excerpt from my english language file:

Installer.Welcome.Title=Welcome to the installation program for MyCoolProduct Version ${project.version}

Installer.Welcome.Text=To ensure an installation free from errors, we recommend (...)

And that's the corresponding excerpt from my french language file:

Installer.Welcome.Title=Bienvenue dans le programme d’installation du MyCoolProduct Version ${project.version}

Installer.Welcome.Text=Pour que l’installation se déroule sans erreurs (...)

(23 Jul '13, 13:34) Dirk Stegemann

@Dirk Stegemann,

I was just wondering how does installer know that it has to translate some lines same as that of my English installer. I mean till now I only had custom English language installer. Once I included <allowedlanguages> tag in my xml it does its job of translating the strings perfectly (though I need to modify a bit here n there and that's why was the question! :-)).

Anyway thanks a lot for your comments. I appreciate!

(23 Jul '13, 14:02) newbee
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