The following blog doesn't compare properly the ${index} value:

<setInstallerVariable name="index_txt" value="" />
<setInstallerVariable name="index" value="0"/>
    <setInstallerVariable name="index_txt" value=" (${index})">
    <showInfo text="Index_txt: ${index_txt} Index: ${index} "/>
      <text>${index} +1</text>

My expectation are the first time the ${index_txt} to be "", but after that to contain the ${index}.

If the compareValues condition is "1", the ${index_txt} contains ${index} even for Zero. Is it a bug in my code, or a general problem?

asked 07 Aug '13, 08:34

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Kris Kolev
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edited 08 Aug '13, 04:08

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juanjo ♦♦

The problem is that the rule is using $(index) to reference the variable (using parentheses):


Where you should use curly brackets:


answered 08 Aug '13, 04:13

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juanjo ♦♦
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Thank you, Problem solved!

(08 Aug '13, 04:24) Kris Kolev
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