Is it possible to make a string parameter non-editable on some circumstances?

Here is example: I have a database server and application as components in installer.

Database component is optional one and provides page with configuration parameters where listening port can be specified. Application on the other hand is mandatory and provides configuration page as well where database connection can be specified (like port parameter).

So if user installs application only port parameter on its configuration page must be provided so it has to be editable. But if user installs database as well then the port parameter of application could be disabled and made non-editiable with value copied from database configuration.

How could I achieve this?

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asked 08 Aug '13, 08:07

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It is not possible to set it to be read-only. You could either hide it (setting is <ask> property to 0) or include a read-only version using a labelParameter:


answered 08 Aug '13, 09:50

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Thanks, for such quick answer! :)

(08 Aug '13, 09:53) mchmielarz
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