I have 2 actions in my FinalPageActions. I only want to 2nd one to be allowed if the first one was selected to execute. How can I do that?



asked 08 Aug '13, 14:54

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It you are referring to dynamically disable (visually) the state on the checkboxes it is not possible. I you simply want to avoid executing the second action if the first is not selected, you could use:

        <progressText>First action Wraper</progressText>
                <text>I'm the first action  and I'm executing!</text>
        <explanation>(only executed if you also enable the first one)</explanation>
        <progressText>Second action Wraer</progressText>
                <text>I'm the second action  and I'm executing!</text>

answered 09 Aug '13, 07:44

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juanjo ♦♦
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OK that sounds good. Right now in my finalActionPageList I only have two runProgram blocks. I tried to embed a setInstallerVariable inside of one of these but that was not allowed. It looks from the above like I can create two actionGroup blocks, and have the runProgram and setInstallerVariable separately within the first one? So my runProgram would be in the same places as your showInfo?


(09 Aug '13, 08:58) GregHorton

Correct. You could also replace the <showInfo> actions with <actionGroup>s if you need to make conditional a set of actions.

(09 Aug '13, 09:15) juanjo ♦♦

Yes, this does work. Thanks!

(09 Aug '13, 12:35) GregHorton
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