I'm trying to prevent a distribution of specific directory which exists under a distributed directory. The directory which I'm trying to exclude contain both files and additional sub-directories. I tried to put in exclude files the following:

  1. doc
  2. doc/*

None of the above option worked. Below is the code which I used:

<distributiondirectory allowwildcards="1"> <origin>${env(HOME)}/bitrock/t/${env(RELEASE)}/${project.vendor}-${project.version}-Applications-Windows/${product_shortname}/Modeling</origin> <excludefiles>doc</excludefiles> </distributiondirectory>


<distributiondirectory allowwildcards="1"> <origin>${env(HOME)}/bitrock/t/${env(RELEASE)}/${project.vendor}-${project.version}-Applications-Windows/${product_shortname}/Modeling</origin> <excludefiles>doc/*</excludefiles> </distributiondirectory>

Please advice, Thank You, Ronen

asked 11 Aug '13, 08:33

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If the doc directory exists directly under the Modeling distribution directory, you should use:

<!-- Please note we are now packing the contents of Modeling, so you will need to add '/Modeling' to your current folder destination --> 
<distributiondirectory allowwildcards="1"> 

Another option would be to use the <onpackingfilterlist>:

   <description>Program Files</description>
          <fileNameFilter pattern="${env(HOME)}/bitrock/t/${env(RELEASE)}/${project.vendor}-${project.version}-Applications-Windows/${product_shortname}/Modeling/doc*" logic="does_not_match" patternType="glob"/>

answered 12 Aug '13, 03:21

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