I am running InstallBuilder in a Windows 7 environment. I do not think I can have InstallBuilder create a .DMG package (as defined in section 27 of the user guide). Is this correct? If so then I am trying to come up with a better solution using .zip.

I am building a Client app and Server app that runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. For the MacOS case I end up with a .zip file for each one of these. When I unzip the file it creates the standard Mac "Contents" directory structure. I have had complaints where since the same directory names are used for my Client and Server apps, there is a conflict when they are unzipped. This may be due to confusion about the install process.

Is it preferred to just unzip that initial .zip file directly into the Applications directory on a Mac? I think that for other apps it pops up the "drag and drop" window to drag the install (.zip) to Applications directory. Then it unzips there in the background. Can InstallBuilder pop up this type of window?

Also, if I move InstallBuilder to a Mac server, will I definitely be able to create the .DMG package then? I use the latest InstallBuilder Pro. The Windows/Linux install setup would not change in this case right?



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What you want on Mac is a dmg. With it, you can spec a background image that has the drag arrow hint and an alias to the Applications folder. You can't do that with a zip.

As this link indicates, you can create dmg images on a Mac.

Just using a Mac is what I have always done. hdiutils will work, and I have used ant to drive creation of a dmg, but in the end, I found this Mac tool more useful http://www.araelium.com/dmgcanvas/

It's only $15, and provided an easy way to define and create the dmg. Since it makes a project file that can be built from the command line, you can probably integrate it as post build step into IB.

That said, there are tools on Windows that will do it. MagicISO can do it- I haven't used them for this purpose, so I can't speak to dmg creation, but their software is pretty good. Also, in web searching MagicISO, I came across PCDmg http://www.acutesystems.com/scrpd.htm

Which seems perfect since it is command line tool. FWIW, the cmd line is always the deal break on these tools. Some tools can work with dmg files, but they don't support cmd line usage.


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Thank you. For now I need to try and get this done on our Windows build server. We use Bamboo as our build manager. It uses InstallBuilder. We need a single automated system to build our app for Windows, Linux & Mac systems. I cannot use a tool that cannot fit into this automated method. I could look into the ant script option since we use ant scripts today. Not sure if MagicISO/PCDmg would work but I will look into them. I think the CLI comment you made fits in here.

Good to know that I will be able to create the DMG once we move to a Mac build server.

Thanks again!


(16 Aug '13, 16:39) GregHorton
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