I have enabled logs in my installer. But if I uninstall single component then uninstaller does not create uninstall log file. I want that it should create for every component uninstall. Could you please let me know how to achieve this?

asked 30 Sep '13, 09:47

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It should be creating one regardless of how many components are selected. Could you add the below to your component and check if it is still not created?


answered 03 Oct '13, 17:33

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juanjo ♦♦
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Hi Juanjo, I have already many logMessage tags in my project but unfortunately it is not creating uninstaller.log file in case if I uninstall some component but not all. However, if I uninstall all components(uninstall full installation) then it creates uninstall.log file.

(30 Oct '13, 09:19) Anirudh Trehan

I can share my project xml file in case if you need it to find the cause as you said that uninstall.log must create in case of only component uninstallation which is not happening in my case.

(01 Nov '13, 00:02) Anirudh Trehan

Could you send us your XML project to support@bitrock.com?

(04 Nov '13, 11:25) juanjo ♦♦

I have sent xml file in mail. Please see that and let me know if there is anything wrong.

(25 Nov '13, 06:51) Anirudh Trehan
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