We are already using installshield 6.3 and evaluating various options to upgrade to a new cross platform devlopment software for building our installer.

We are already using a C++ DLL having lot of functionality by loading the same and its functions from within the Installshield scripts.

Would like to know if we still can reuse with the Installbuilder.

Thanks Kannan

asked 09 Nov '11, 06:34

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We do not have a built-in action to call functions from dlls but you could use execute them using the rundll32 command. The basic usage is:

RUNDLL32.EXE <dllname>,<entrypoint> <optional arguments>

Or using InstallBuilder code:

    <programArguments>${installdir}/lib/your.dll,entryPointToYourFunction ${args}</programArguments>

For example, to open the control panel applet for configuring the display properties center:

    <programArguments>shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL desk.cpl,,0</programArguments>

The only requirement is that you must implement your functions as entry points. You can find additional information here.


answered 09 Nov '11, 09:17

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juanjo ♦♦
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Thanks very much for the response.

Have one more question - Calling the C++ function in the DLL through run32dll.exe is fine.

Since we are intending to build a cross platform installer, can we achieve the same result (calling the C++ function available .SO file) when it comes to Solaris/Linux.

Presently we are using perl script for UNIX and import the .SO object and call the C++ function. (We have DLL and .SO files generated from the same C++ source)

(10 Nov '11, 00:23) kmanday

Are you calling the C++ functions from the perl script using some module? If so, you can still embed the interpreter and import it the same way.

(10 Nov '11, 16:17) juanjo ♦♦
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