Hi all - I have a Postgresql installer failing. The only output is a "bitrock_debug_1234.xml" file - nothing to stdout or stderr. I can't even start the "--enable-debugger". How do I interpret what is in the .xml file? (Or should I try to get somebody at Postgresql to do it for me?)

Example of command failing:

[root@mydev1v installbase]# ./postgresql-8.4.1-linux-x64_64.bin There has been an error. A debug file has been created at:


Please attach it to any bug report. The application will exit now.

Thanks much! Steven

asked 30 Nov '11, 14:33

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Steven Colby
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The debug file contains sensible information about the internals of the installer so it is obfuscated. Could you send us the debug file to support@bitrock.com?

(30 Nov '11, 14:39) juanjo ♦♦

Sent debug.xml file. Thanks a ton!

(30 Nov '11, 16:24) Steven Colby

This was answered from support@bitrock.com. The crash was related with the installer not properly detecting the OS. This bug was resolved in 6.1.0 but the installer was using an old version.


answered 02 Dec '11, 09:22

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juanjo ♦♦
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Am using the installer 15.10.1 version and am getting the same problem..

Can you give me the reason why it is getting these error??


answered 17 Nov '15, 05:26

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Could you provide us with more details about the error? If a debug file is being generated please send it to us at support@bitrock.com

(19 Nov '15, 12:43) alejandror ♦♦
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