This option appears in InstallBuilder GUI, what does it mean ?

asked 06 Sep '11, 04:35

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It means that absolute paths specified in the installer project file will be relativized when saving. The paths will be relative to the location of the project file. This is especially useful when the same project file is shared by multiple developers on different machines or when using the same project file on Windows and Unix (because of the differences in how paths are specified on each platform).


answered 06 Sep '11, 04:35

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It would be helpful to document that the paths are "relativized" upon saving the project file, but when that project file is opened in InstallBuilder you are changing them back to "absolute" paths again (at least that is the behavior I am seeing when I view the project file in the XML Editor in the tool). This confused me for quite a while since I would seldom open the project file with anything other than InstallBuider.

If you are going to do this relative-to-absolute conversion, it would be nice if you could indicate the portion of the path that is equivalent to the current "build_project_directory" value. To me, it would just be less confusing if instead of you converting paths, you change the "Save Relative Paths" options to just "Use Relative Paths" and just LET me specify my paths as a relative path in the first place.


answered 08 Oct '12, 10:48

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