Hi, I'm trying to run an installer in unattended mode and am running into errors where the a blank window pops up along with a Console window with a "(output) 1 % " prompt.


  1. Platform (both dev and target machines): Windows 7
  2. InstallBuilder: BitRock InstallBuilder Multiplatform Enterprise Version: 8.0.0 (2011-11-09)
  3. Project: SilentInstall (I dont see any Attachment option to attach the project file.)

I'm trying to run ".\SilentInstall-1.0-windows-installer.exe --optionfile response.properties" where all that response.properties file contains is: "validateLicense=0".

When I run the above command, two windows pop up, one a blank window with "SilentInstall-1.0-windows-installer", and another a "Console" window. It doesnt proceed further. Do I need to enable any option in the Project to enable running it in unattended mode?

I also tried a ".\SilentInstall-1.0-windows-installer.exe -mode unattended", with the same results.

Thanks, Reddy

asked 09 Dec '11, 13:21

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This seems like the binary was either not fully built or not properly copied. Could you send the project file to support@bitrock.com?

Also, could you try to make a full build of the installer again?

And does this happen only if --optionfile response.properties is specified? Does the installer work without it specified?

(12 Dec '11, 03:13) wojciechka ♦♦

It works just as expected after I rebooted the target machine. False alarm. Thanks for your response.

Thanks, Reddy


answered 12 Dec '11, 16:55

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Thank you for letting us know the issue is solved.

(13 Dec '11, 03:47) wojciechka ♦♦
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