I am attempting to build a applescript tool that will watch for BitTock installers to be dropped into a folder. It will make a list of the installers execute the first installer in unattended mode using a set of prearranged answers it will wait for the installer to finished move the installer to the Installed Folder then it will move to the next installer until there are no installers left

I can watch the folder, build the list of installers, trigger the installer to run, and Move the installer after it is finished What I can't find in your documentation is how to execute unattended mode on a mac with answers? Is there any exposed API that would help me with this?

Any help you could provide would be welcome.

asked 17 Dec '11, 12:32

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You can execute

nameOfYourInstaller.app/Contents/MacOS/installbuilder.sh --mode unattended --optionfile /path/to/options.ini

With options.ini contains the options you can pass to the installer. Is that what you are looking for?


answered 18 Dec '11, 05:31

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Sorry I didn't get back earlier but it looks good. I will test it can see, If I run into issues I'll reply again.

Thanks for the help

(23 Dec '11, 18:13) Haslor
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