The ProgramData environment variable came into existence in Windows Vista and has been used in subsequent versions of Windows.
I have a customer who has installed his ProgramData folder to D drive, while his SYSTEM folder is still on C.
When he installs our software, the Start menu shortcuts are installed to C, not D. He says other installers install to D, as he expects.
He feels that the ProgramData environment variable should be used, but maybe CSIDL_COMMON_STARTMENU and/or CSIDL_STARTMENU are more appropriate.
Shortcuts in the Start Menu are created in our BitRock installers via the standard method provided, so if this is perceived as a bug, it is in BitRock InstallBuilder. We could fix it in our installers, but it would make something trivial into something a little complicated.
Has this been reported as a bug before, and do you intend to fix it?
I'm aware that this is an unusual setup, and one that is not recommended by Microsoft.

asked 10 Jan '12, 18:08

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Jerry Nairn
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I would be interested to know what became of this issue as I am sure that one of our customers somewhere is using a non-default start menu location.

(01 Feb '12, 15:49) DevHopeful_2012

I got nothing back from the customer on this.

(01 Feb '12, 16:15) Jerry Nairn

In order to troubleshoot the issue, can you ask the customer to run the installer with --debugtrace debug.txt and send us the debug.txt file?

For example:

C> installer.exe --debugtrace debug.txt

Can you also ask the customer to export the following registry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\Shell Folders

This can be done by doing:

C> reg export "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Explorer\\Shell Folders" export.reg

answered 11 Jan '12, 04:21

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