My customers ask for a .pkg Installer to be able to install my software via Apple Remote Desktop on OS X. Is it possible with InstallBuilder? I can't find any information about it.

asked 10 Feb '12, 04:22

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InstallBuilder do not support the creation of .pkg files.

As a workaround, depending on the complexity of your application you may be able to use PackageMaker to repackage your application:

You could for example, install the application created with InstallBuilder and then pack the installation directory using PackageMaker. It also supports some hooks to execute post installation scripts and some system checks.

If your installer is performing some more complex logic such as substituting parameters in the installed files based on user input it is going to be trickier but maybe your customer just want an easy way of installing the app and does not care if all the installations are, say, installed under /Applications/myapp with port 8080.


answered 10 Feb '12, 07:26

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Ryo Takatsuki
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Unfortunately, my applications are very complex. But thanks for the answer - I'll try PackageMaker.

(10 Feb '12, 11:34) jraduenz
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