Launching uninstaller takes a pretty long time for our app (more than 5 seconds), and that is obviously confusing the end-user - it doesn't appear as starting after the click, and so the user may make a few more attempts to launch the same uninstaller. So the questions: 1. Is it possible to show a splash screen to inform a user that the uninstaller is being started? 2. How to improve the startup time?

asked 17 Feb '12, 10:59

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The uninstaller start time has been improved with InstallBuilder 8.0. Does it happen with InstallBuilder 8 or an older version of InstallBuilder?

Does it happen with your installer only or also projects such as the empty sample installer also take a lot of time to start?

Is the system running an anti-virus? The issue may be anti-virus scanning the uninstaller binary prior to running it. Does disabling anti-virus and similar applications change startup time in any way?


answered 17 Feb '12, 11:45

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This happens on Windows XP, 7, 2008, with no anti-virus installed. I use InstallBuilder 8, but the same problem was with 7.3. It also takes 5-8 seconds on creating an uninstaller at the end of app's setup. Tested on many Windows machines with the same result.

Note that the same project's uninstaller operations running on Mac are done much faster (less than a second).

I guess the performance issue relates to inefficient procedures around .dat file when running on Windows.

(27 Feb '12, 09:29) Serge Beloli...

Are their any more updates to this topic. We are also seeing 5+ startup times for the uninstaller on windows using installbuilder 8+.


answered 08 Apr '13, 23:54

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