Hi there! I'm automating an installation of a product that uses BitRock. Altough the unnatended installation works just fine, I'm in need of recognizing the objects (like the "next" or "previous" buttons). We tried a screenshot based library, but with very ugly results.

Is there any way to make Windows recognize those buttons?


asked 29 Feb '12, 16:07

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Emiliano Cenizo
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Could you provide us with more information on what you are trying to achieve? What tools are you using for testing the installer?

We have our libraries for multiple GUI modes that add abstraction and theming based on OS and therefore interacting with the buttons directly may not be simple. However, the location of the buttons is well known (i.e. relative to window right-bottom corner) and it should be possible to test it this way.

Are you using the regular or Qt version of InstallBuilder?

(01 Mar '12, 10:12) wojciechka ♦♦

We are automating our product installator, made with BitRock, and run it in several VMs.

We are using Java, and Selenium tools... not using the QT installer, just the regular one. Any suggestions?

(02 Mar '12, 12:27) Emiliano Cenizo

Do you want to explicitly test the installer GUI or focus on testing the application?

The easiest way to test the installer is to test are unattended and text modes. In unattended mode, the installer will run without any user interaction. In text mode, you can simply prepare a file with answers to all of the installer's questions. The latter will only work on Unix and MacOSX platforms, though.

You can run installer in unattended mode by doing:

C> installer.exe --mode unattended --prefix path/to/installation --other-parameters ...

and for text mode:

$ ./installer.run --mode text <installer.input

If you want to explicitly test the GUI, it is possible to manually set focus if needed and send mouse movement and key press events, however in most cases automating tests of the unattended mode should be enough.


answered 02 Mar '12, 13:45

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