This question is somewhat related to

but that only seems to cover pages associated with parameters.

I wish to alter the text on the next and cancel buttons.

I should be able to do this programmatically using text such as this


The cancel button can be altered in the


as I only need that to change once an installation is properly underway.

On the other hand, I'd like to change the next button text to "Install" with


but can't find an appropriate action list to contain this. At run time, the


seems to be too early, even if I have a dummy 'final' component. I can almost achieve what I want by using the


for a dummy parameter, but I don't want an additional page to be shown. Perhaps this could be done with a parameter group, although I have not succeeded with this approach either.

On the other hand,


seems to be just too late.

Is there an appropriate place please?


asked 05 Mar '12, 08:03

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You can simply use <postShowPageActionList> for last parameter that you show. This would be the same as dummy page.

If depending on installation type/options you have different last pages, your actions may have the same rules to determine whether text for next button should be changed - i.e. if this page would be the last page to show, change the next button text.

As an alternative, you can show your own "ready to install" page by having a parameter that does:


This way whenever user continues, the ready to install page is skipped and installation begins.


answered 05 Mar '12, 09:26

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wojciechka ♦♦
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These are good ideas, but I also need a solution for when there is no parameter. Is it possible to have a dummy parameter that triggers its postShowPageActionList, but is not asked for? Alternatively, is there a way to have a page for a parameter where the control for the parameter is hidden (or perhaps just not editable) or styled not to look control-like, in order to have a single custom ready-to-install page?
Thanks again,

(06 Mar '12, 04:44) Rhubbarb

You can use a labelParameter to show a message similar to ready to install page. That page can then set next_page to installation and set next button's text accordingly - this way it would look the same way as actual ready to install page.

(06 Mar '12, 07:24) wojciechka ♦♦

Well, I am closer now.

(1) I can get the "Next" button to read "Install" at the last page. Unfortunately, If I click "Back", the "Next" button has not been restored to read "Next". I can find no appropriate action list in which to do this.

(2) I notice that on <en.lng>, there's an entry Installer.Button.Install=&Install, but that does not appear to be used anywhere. Am I missing something?

(3) I also notice that there's an Installer.Ready.Text2=Click Install to continue with the installation, or click Back if you want to review or change any settings., but again I don't see that.

(07 Mar '12, 08:48) Rhubbarb

For first issue, indeed this is not possible. If you show at least one parameter, it is possible to set the text to Next in preShowPageActionList for previous page. However, in this particular case, it may not be possible.

For second and third issue, those text messages are not used.

(07 Mar '12, 09:01) wojciechka ♦♦

Thanks for that information. It's helpful to know that something is not possible (i.e. actions tiggered by the Back button) in the current version [8.0.2]; I will abandon my attempts to change the "Next" button for now.

Given the presence of those unused text strings, I imagine BitRock is considering (or has considered) adding functionality for adjusting the "ready to install" next button.

(08 Mar '12, 05:27) Rhubbarb

I have another question. I am now at least trying to get any references to controls in messages in the installer to match the controls themselves. In the case of the "Next" button, I can query the variable ${ui.button(next).text}. On Windows, I get "&Next >", which does correspond to the GUI. On Linux (Red Hat EL 5.6, with Gnome), the button has "Forward", but the variable contains "%#GoForward".

Now I imagine that is a special string, substituted by InstallBuilder. Is there any way I can obtain what it is mapped to? (I imagine that could be dependent upon the desktop environment.)

(08 Mar '12, 05:34) Rhubbarb

[If this is now too off the original topic, I would be happy to start a new question...]

(08 Mar '12, 05:36) Rhubbarb

I decided to create a new question for this anyway:

(08 Mar '12, 08:26) Rhubbarb
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