I don't want a separate language selection screen - rather, I'd like to embed the language selection as a drop down in another screen.

How do I do this?

asked 16 Mar '12, 10:09

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It is not possible to configure the language at a later point in the installation (i.e., in a page, that are displayed later on).

The language is configured at the very beginning of the installation. At the point the first page is displayed, all the strings have been localized so changing the setting at that point would not have any effect.


answered 16 Mar '12, 10:24

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Hmmm - there's no way to do it programmatically? Our current installer displays the first page in the OS language, but provides language selection on that first page and reloads the page if it changes.

(16 Mar '12, 10:40) bstoke

The problem is that at that point all the widgets have been already created and configured with the appropriate language. Allowing changing the language after that moment, from an installer page, would involve reworking a big part of how the GUI is and configured.

The language configuration can be programmatically configured in <initializationActionList>, for example to enable/disable the language selection dialog based on the environment. This is used by many of our customers.

(16 Mar '12, 12:59) juanjo ♦♦
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