I am struggling to understand the values and variables properties of foreach.

Can someone please explain what exactly they do in the following example from the users guide?

I understand that the variable installedApplications comes from the registry read, but what about "key value name"? How is that set?


      <variables>key name value</variables>
            <md5 text="${key}" variable="md5"/>

asked 20 Mar '12, 13:05

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Was my answer and/or Python example confusing? If so, I could clarify further.

(23 Mar '12, 14:30) DevHopeful_2012

I believe the foreach in the example works with a list of lists because the return value of registryFind is a list and findall is set to true. Therefore, the foreach will iterate over the list, ${installedApplications}, but each element in the list is a list, itself. The example cleverly parses the list element by specifying a variable for each index. Something similar to the following:

installedApps = [('Notepad++', 'DisplayName', 'Notepad++'), ('Office14.STANDARD', 'DisplayName', 'Microsoft Office Standard 2010')]
for (key, name, value) in installedApps:
    print "Found Registry Entry:\\n\\tkey: %s\\n\\tname: %s\\n\\tvalue: %s" % (key, name, value)

Found Registry Entry:
    key: Notepad++
    name: DisplayName
    value: Notepad++
Found Registry Entry:
    key: Office14.STANDARD
    name: DisplayName
    value: Microsoft Office Standard 2010

answered 21 Mar '12, 01:35

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