I make multi-platform installation package. It works fine on Windows now and I'm building a version for Linux. The code for shortcuts are the same but:

  • in Files it shows 'Start menu (WIndows). I couldn't find in XML/GUI how to change it to Linux/Mac. When I install the package I don't find any entries in "start Menu". My system is Ubuntu.
  • Where should I copy icons for shortcuts on Linux. Should I do this explicitly or BitRock handle this automatically?

asked 02 Apr '12, 10:32

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We don't have a built-in action to install the shortcuts (we have added it to our TODO list) but you can reuse a regular shortcut created in a folder <shortcutlist> and then use the below:

<runProgram program="xdg-desktop-menu" programArguments="install -mode user -novendor ${installdir}/yourShortcut.desktop"/>

If you want the shortcut to be installed in an specific built-in menu, you can add a new key to the shortcut file before using xdg:

<addTextToFile file="${installdir}/yourShortcut.desktop" text="&#xA;Categories=Development&#xA;"/>
<runProgram program="xdg-desktop-menu" programArguments="install -mode user -novendor ${installdir}/yourShortcut.desktop"/>

You can find additional information here.


answered 03 Apr '12, 17:09

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It is a big drawback of BitRock :( because it is mean that I should write own version of xml for every platform. Now I can reuse only few % of xml file for Linux (initially I made the package for Windows).

In my case, I should learn how the menu works on Linux to be able do all what I want. I thought that shortcuts/menu is very standard option for every installer.

Thank you for your help anyway.

(04 Apr '12, 03:32) Alexander
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